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Poet Diane Kemp invites you to share the emotions of her poetry and writings, from pain to triumph, from heartbreak to joy, from fear to promise.... In the words of the poet:

"Silk Purse Poems is a drawing together of a life's challenges, wonders, joys and deep disappointments; written at times as solace, at times as hope, and occasionally as exquisite thrill, these poems cover experiences and reactions durhing three intense decades of my middle years. Trying to feel, understand, respond and recover, they have often been a subconscious growth towards personal integration. From the vantage point of my eighth decade, I offer the poems free and openly as my ultimate coming out."

Diane Kemp
Kelowna, B.C.,

September 2012

May you find a few treasures among ‘ Silk Purse Poems‘.

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